Heat Pumps – HOW THEY WORK

Once a heat pump installation is complete, the heat pump requires minimal amounts of energy to circulate heat. During the winter, heat is taken from the outside air through copper coils. This heat travels into a special coil and the heat from the air enters the coils inside the unit and is extracted with a refrigerant. Next, when the heat pump installation has been completed properly, the pump turns the heated air into a condensed liquid. This action is what provides heat for the home. If you need help with any type of heat pump repair, give us a call 1-877-844-4822.

During the summer, very similar events take place except in the opposite direction. The heat pump takes the heat from inside the home and releases it outside. This process cools down the home. Instead of generating heat, heat pumps actually circulate it from the environment, which makes proper heat pump installation very important.

A heat pump can effectively and efficiently heat homes with outside temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit! With these temperatures, no back-up heat source is necessary.

No ducts? No problem! Air-source heat pumps are available in a “ductless” version. These are called mini-split heat pumps.

Heat Pump Systems – THE BENEFITS

With an efficient heat pump installation, there is no energy expenditure when heating air. A heat pump simply transports hot air from one location to another. This keeps the system’s use of energy very minimal and costs are kept under control due to the fact there is no need for heating oil or other fuel sources.

Safety and Efficiency – Avoid the Need For Frequent Heat Pump Repair

It is important to have your heat pump system inspected on an annual basis to avoid costly heat pump repair. Heat pump installation and maintenance should be performed by a certified HVAC technician to ensure safety and efficiency for cooling and heating seasons.

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