Should I Replace or Repair My Equipment?

There are five main questions that need to be considered when deciding whether to replace or repair your heating and cooling system:

1. How old is your system?

If your system is more than ten years old, it may be wiser to invest in new, higher efficiency equipment, which could cut your energy costs by up to 40%. Plus, repairing now won’t necessarily prevent future problems that would most likely occur with aging equipment. Parts from older units often become obsolete, and eventually replacement is the only option.

2. What is the efficiency level of your current system?

Unfortunately, replacing parts of your old system will not improve the efficiency. If the energy savings of using a higher efficiency system will cover all or part of the cost of investing in new equipment, you should seriously consider replacement of the old system.

3. What is the overall condition of your system?

If your system is in solid condition, it could be wiser to simply repair it. But if your system breaks down often or is in poor condition, you should consider replacing it.

4. How often is your system operating?

If your system has been used extensively, it may be time to replace it.

5. Are you planning to move soon?

If you are moving in the next year or two and believe investing in new equipment will improve the value of your home, you should consider making the investment. If you plan to live in your current residence for many more years, it may also be wise to go ahead and invest in your future comfort.