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Old Heating System

The History of Home Heating

One of the most basic human needs is warmth, and since the beginning of time, people have sought ways to keep themselves warm and safe in harsh weather conditions. But, we haven’t always had the convenience of heating systems, like furnaces and electric heaters. Let’s take a look at how home heating has evolved throughout […]

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How Much Does a New Furnace Cost?

If your heater is on the fritz, or if you’re just considering updating your old furnace for a newer, more efficient model, you’ll probably find yourself searching the Internet to figure out how much a new home furnace will cost you. Our Pennsylvania customers in the Lehigh Valley and in and around Harrisburg, PA, Lancaster, […]

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Living Room

Will a Ductless Heating System work for me?

When it comes to HVAC – heating, ventilation and air conditioning – for your home, there are different ways to regulate indoor temperature and different systems you can use depending on your home and your particular needs. If you live in the Central or Eastern part of Pennsylvania, you know how extreme weather conditions can […]

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