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UGI HVAC technician walking into home with AC unit testing equipment

7 Ways To Prepare Your Cooling System For The Warmer Months Ahead

Springtime brings more brightness into our lives, inspires a surge of new energy, and a primordial urge to do spring-cleaning and prepare our homes to enjoy the longer days, fragrant nights, and warm weather. In today’s modern world, balmy weather means making your cooling system your best friend. So it’s only natural that many homeowners […]

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Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the quality of the air you breathe indoors can be 100 times worse than the quality of the outside air? Since people typically spend 60-90% of their lives indoors, this situation poses many problems. Many allergens, pollutants and micro-organisms thrive in indoor air. You can relieve these indoor problems with proper air […]

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