Timeline of important events in the banning of HCFCs

Banning Future Use of R22 Refrigerant

Damage from CFCs & HCFCs In the past, many people were unaware of the potential harm that chemicals can cause on our environment; but today, due to advances in technology and more research being conducted, we have a much better understanding of their harmful effects. In the 1980’s, scientists noticed that the stratospheric ozone layer, […]

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Ductless unit with cover removed, showing circuit board

No Duct Work – No Problem!

Below is an article written by our Marketing Manager, Angela DeLong, recently published in “At Home in Berks”, the Home Builders Association of Berks County magazine! Learn everything you need to know about going ductless.   Berks County is full of them – beautiful, old brick homes, stone farm houses, historical inns and even renovated barns.  […]

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